AMAZON introduces two-hour delivery from Whole Foods stores to its Prime members



The vice president of Prime Now, Amazon Fresh and Amazon Restaurant Stephenie Landry said that all the customers in cities like Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas and Virginia Beach will be able to order all the fresh meat, seafood, flowers and most but not all, items that their local Whole Foods stores stock.

She said: “We might not have every last idtem that could be available in your local store but we’re going to have the vast majority of them”.

All the prime members in those cities thei acces their accounts on the Amazon website or via Prime Now App wich features two-hour delivery items, they just in their ZIP code to see if the service is available where they live.

Amazon bought Whole Foods Market in June for $13.7 billion, the purcashe was made instantly in the fifth-largets grocery retailer in the country.Good to know that Walmart is No. 1, followed by Kroger, Costco and Albertsons.


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